- Jill, Controller
“I tell all my employees about private placement investments.  I also have my elderly parents in a lot of these products.”  

Why Invest in Private Placement Investments?

Retire in Style

These Asset Classes Offer: 

 Portfolio Diversification

 Protection From Inflation Uncertainty

 A Higher Return Potential Than Public  Markets

Portfolio evaluation goes beyond tracking how your investments are doing. It also helps you identify where adjustments might need to be made so you can stay on track to meet your investing goals. Do you know the signs that you might need to reevaluate your coverage?



Fixed Rate Energy Loans

Earn a secure fixed rate monthly payment

Secure – First Lien Promissory Notes

  • Paying 8.0% - 10.28% Annual returns (1 year - 3 year term) for accredited lenders​ ($50,000 Minimum Loan)

  • Secured by a first position lien by an established company in Texas with a proven track record in acquiring, developing, and liquidating assets.

  • Assets securing the loan include, but are not limited to, producing oil and gas wells, mineral leases, royalty interests, and cash holdings at an estimated less than 50% Loan to Value ratio of assets.

Fixed Rate Promissory Note

Life Insurance Products 

Pass your wealth tax free.

Now Offering

A.   Critical, Chronic and Terminal Benefits for no additional premiums on applicable policies.  

  • Coverage for a Critical Illness allows the policy-owner to accelerate a portion of the death benefit when the insured is diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness.

Life Insurance Opportunities

  • Specific Medical Conditions that may qualify for the critical illness benefit include: heart attack, different types of cancer, stroke, major organ transplant, and kidney failure.


B.   Long Term Care Benefits for no additional premiums


- Term Life Insurance

- Whole Life Insurance
- Universal Life Insurance 

- Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance 

There are a variety of annuities available to fit your personal needs.

Schedule a FREE Evaluation of Your Life Insurance Policy   

Life Settlement Investments

Generate optimal portfolios that outperform market benchmarks

Invest in a Portfolio of Life Insurance Policies

  • 65% simple interest yield

  • 4-7 year projected payout

  • Approximate annual projected yield of 12-13%

  • Payout issued by A-rated insurance companies

  • We utilizes two to three different LE company reports, which are blended to determine the Life Expectancy

  • No risk from stock market declines, global instability, or the Federal Reserve rate

  • Minimal risk of premium calls (3 levels of protection with premium reserves covering 2 years beyond life expectancy.)

  • Minimum investment of $15,000 Non-Qualified / $25,000 Qualified

  • The payout is issued as EACH policy matures, providing more opportunities.


Life Settlement Investments


Real Estate Advantage

Immediate monthly payments

  • 3 - 5 Year term 

  • Fixed annual yields of 6.75% - 9.42%

  • Immediate monthly interest payments

  • Secured by First Position Real Estate Fund

  • Over $1.5 billion in financial transactions completed with zero defaults   

  • 25 years of experience and reliability

  • Non-Qualified or Qualified funds can be used

  • Qualifications:  

    • Minimum Loan of $50,000

    • Accredited Lenders


Commercial Mortgage Notes