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Like most investors I experienced some frustration trading in the Stock Market. Having concerns that I wouldn't have enough finances for retirement, I spent many hours analyzing and researching alternative investment strategies. I learned from successful investors like Warren Buffett and concluded that within the last 20 years it was widely excepted that the life settlement market provided annual returns in the 12-14 percent range. This was certainly better than any of the equity markets. Better than the major market indices over this time-frame or for the foreseeable future for that matter. Life settlements had become an increasingly popular alternative asset class, especially in light of the mortgage mess, financial turmoil on Wall Street and large government bailouts. The life settlement market had rapidly grown into a 20 billion dollar industry and is now predicted, by Bernstein Research, to develop into 160 billion dollar market in a few short years.  An ongoing pursuit into other stock market alternatives led me to diversify my portfolio with the products we offer today. Let TarpFinancial help you to discover the "Alternative Investments" that have given us a new peace of mind. 



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